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Logos and Branding

Stand out from the competition with a bold logo. I offer flat rate logo-design for any type of business or artist. Additionally you can go one step further and really blow your customers away with a full brand! From the logo to the colors inside your business, let me bring your vision to life!

Full Wordpress Design

Looking for a fully designed website that takes all the stress away? Let me put my expert knowledge to use and build you the website of your future. Confident, Bold, Custom design targeted to your audience and styled after your dream, backed by the power of Wordpress.


Want a Wordpress site you can maintain the content for yourself? Comfortable with HTML, CSS but a little put off with how exactly to get started and design your own wordpress? This is the perfect route for the more technical of my customers. Includes 1 year of hosting.


Needing some updates? Redesign? Missing files for your logo that you would like recreated in vector? Affordable website update service, even if it is a one time only. Excellent website redesign to fully capture what your business can do online. Quick logo recreation or edits.

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What I know
Anicrow LLC, your personal media professional

As a full-time artist I possess many skills required to be competitive in today's markets. I love a challenge and consider nothing impossible. Whether it is a song, business card, or website I am currently focused on the psychology behind the design. The big picture in the functionality of my creations. Code, graphics, and SEO are the building blocks of success for your business and I have spent a lot of time focusing those skills. Music has helped remain an artist while growing as a designer and constantly challenges me to create art on multiple types of media. Collectively I am a force and Anicrow is my alter-ego and business, so anything you higher me for will always represent my legacy in my eyes. So I hope you can hire me with confidence that you will receive a professional product and customer service.

  • CSS, HTML, & PHP

    Clean code for epic websites

  • Graphic Design

    Visual art and design

  • Search Engine Optomization

    Be seen by your audience

  • Music Production & DJing

    Audio production and performance

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